KUWAIT: Concerned security authorities are investigating an incident of a small plane with a camera that flew over Bayan Palace and got tangled in a palm tree in the palace garden. Security sources said the incident took place Thursday when an Egyptian working at the palace noticed the plane flying over then disappearing, so he told those concerned. Sources said state security and arm intelligence looked for the plane and found it stuck in a palm tree. The plane was dismantled and a camera was found on it. Investigations are ongoing.

Mosque damage Riqqa police station investigator sent a citizen in his thirties to the psychiatric hospital for his actions and for failing to explain the damages he caused in a mosque by destroying the main gate and the door of the imam’s room. A security source said a call came about the incident so patrols were sent there and the suspect was arrested. The investigator noticed that the man was not coherent so he ordered him sent to the psychiatric hospital to determine his mental condition

Insult A security source said a policeman in Fintas stopped a car driven by a woman and asked her for her ID, but she refused and insulted him and said, “Why should I give you my ID? I only give it to commissioned officers. I am going to hit you with a case that will make you wonder.” The woman was taken to Fintas police station, where her identity was seen and turned out to be a citizen. She was charged with insulting a public employee while on duty.

Reckless driving Jahra police answered the appeals of Sulaibiya residents about reckless drivers in their area and launched a campaign that resulted in the arrest of some of them and the impoundment of their cars.

Drunk A police patrol saw a man and a Filipina inside a car in Farwaniya and noticed they were visibly drunk. A case of public drunkenness against the two revealed that the man is a wanted citizen on a civil case and the woman has an absconding case against her. Both were arrested and sent to concerned authorities.

False alarm State security and Ahmadi police responded to a call about a strange person parked in a suspicious way near an Ahmadi mosque, only to find the man was actually the mosque’s guard. The guard told them he wanted to take a breather outside. —Al-Rai