crime-scene-picKUWAIT: Following up the ongoing investigations with the murderer of a Kuwaiti citizen and her Saudi mother in Egypt, the suspect’s brother-in-law Mohammed, who had reported the murder to the police, said that his wife’s brother had ruined their lives by his greed. Mohammed added that when the suspect told him that a lady, for whom he had worked in Saudi Arabia, wished to invest her money in their farm, agreed.

“But after taking them to the farm, he called me and said he had sealed a well that had cost us £150,000 to dig and refused to give an explanation for what he did,” he said, adding that he was shocked after seeing blood traces on the walls of the victims’ room and asked the suspect if he had killed them. He then reported the matter to the police.

Asian found hanging
An Asian was found hanging in his room in Qashaniya, said security sources. Initial reports suggest that the man committed suicide. Also, a Pakistani was instantly killed when he lost control over his vehicle and it turned over along Nuwaiseeb road. The man was reportedly thrown out of his vehicle while it was tumbling.

Maid attempts commit
A citizen reported that his housemaid tried to commit suicide by swallowing medications at his house in Bnaid Al-Gar. The maid was rushed to hospital.

Home-made liquor bottles
A Bangladeshi was arrested in Ardhiya with 70 home-made liquor bottles, said security sources, noting that the man looked confused on being stopped at a checkpoint, which called for searching his vehicle.

Unidentified robbers
A deliveryman was recently stopped by two unidentified robbers who assaulted him and stole his mobile phone and KD 240 cash.

Reckless driver
A reckless driver was arrested in Subahiya while driving his vehicle in a way endangering his and others’ lives. The driver first tried to flee a police patrol that ordered him to pull over, but his way was blocked and he was apprehended. In another development, a traffic policeman accused a female citizen of insulting him when he ticketed her for parking in a no-parking zone in Fahaheel. A case was filed.

Wanted Kuwaiti nabbed
A wanted citizen with a heavy criminal record was arrested in Maidan Hawally, said security sources. Case papers indicate that a police patrol was checking on a driver stopped in the area after he seemed confused. The man was found wanted for shooting and attempted murder and fiercely resisted arrest, but was eventually controlled and apprehended. Also a stateless person was arrested with a large number of alcoholic beer cans in Kabd, said security sources. – Al-Rai and Al-Anbaa