‘Suspected felony’ in couple’s death

KUWAIT: The bodies of two Kuwaitis who were found dead in a chalet in the south of the country were recovered by the coroner. A police source said a suspected felony case was ordered by the prosecution as investigations began. Meanwhile, the body of a Kuwaiti woman was sent to the coroner after she was found dead by firemen as they responded to a call about a fire in a Jabriya house kitchen. The woman was found in her house’s yard, and paramedics confirmed her death.

Child molester at large
A nine-year-old Egyptian girl was molested by an unidentified person near her residence in Khaitan. The girl’s father complained to police. Detectives are searching for the suspect.

Policemen arrested a man who harassed a Kuwaiti woman near a Abu Al-Hasaniya café. The woman called police and said the man was chasing her, so police responded and arrested the man, who was drinking coffee. The suspect, also a Kuwaiti, was taken to the police station where the woman lodged a complaint.

Nurse beats patient
A male nurse beat a patient who suffered a stroke. The investigator ordered the Indian man transferred to the central prison while waiting for court action. A policeman said that a Kuwaiti woman in Adan told police that her disabled Kuwaiti husband, who suffered from a stroke and was not aware of his surroundings, was beaten by a male nurse. The nurse was charged with negligence in caring for a disabled person and beating. Detectives arrested the suspect and took him to the police station.

Smuggling foiled
Customs officers arrested three Egyptians including a woman who arrived at the airport with hashish and psychoactive tablets. The three were sent to concerned authorities to face legal action.

Thief caught
A man with a criminal record was arrested by criminal detectives after he stole his neighbor’s belongings left in the diwaniya. He confessed to committing the theft. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai