The Real Fouz

Summer vacation doesn’t always have to be about relaxing and taking time off, it can be the perfect opportunity to set some new health and fitness goals for yourself. I have a few goals to share with you guys that I’m hoping to achieve this summer.

1. Eating more fruits and veggies

Summer is one of the best times to start eating healthy. Being outdoors in the heat can cause dehydration, sensitive skin and much more so increasing your fruit and vegetable intake will definitely make your body look and feel its best. Fruits and veggies are also the most refreshing foods to have in the heat and such a quick and easy way to get extra vitamins and nutrients.

2. Moving more

More movement means more health which results in more happiness. Try adding in more walking, more taking the stairs, and more exercise. Not only will this tone your body for the summer but it will make you feel amazing too!

3. Drink more water

I think we all have the same problem, which is not drinking enough water. I think we sometimes forget how important water is for our overall health, and especially during the warmer months. It will keep your body feeling good, headaches away; keep your weight managed and mood boosted. Drinking more water can also help to clear your skin and boost your immune system.

4. Find a new workout you love

Working out doesn’t have to be so boring and repetitive anymore. There are so many new and exciting classes that you can enjoy as well as getting in the workout you need. Spin, pilates, yoga, zumba are a few options you can try out but there are so many more! I recently tried out a spinning class, which was so tough, but I felt so amazing afterwards. Make it a goal to try out some new classes this summer and see which one you enjoy the most!

5. Positivity

You might think that a positive attitude has nothing to do with “health and fitness” but feeling positive can have a huge effect on your whole life not only your health and fitness. For me, summer is all about letting loose, having fun, and staying positive.

Setting goals is so important. It helps you stay focused on what you want to achieve and get things done effectively and efficiently! Always start by setting yourself small goals so your not too overwhelmed and then end up not achieving anything you set out to do. I like to set mini goals for myself and reward myself every time I accomplish a goal. Treat yourself to something on your wish list or take some relaxing time at the salon or spa or even book yourself a weekend getaway as a reward whenever you reach one of your goals. This way will help you stay motivated and excited about what you’re doing.

Here’s to an amazing summer of accomplishing our goals and having an amazing time!

By The Real Fouz