KUWAIT: A Lance Corporal died after she fell from her 13th floor apartment in an apparent suicide yesterday. The 21-year-old Kuwaiti woman who worked at the Drug Control General Department was pronounced dead on the scene of her building in Mahboulah. An investigation was opened into the case.

Ex-wife beaten
Kuwaiti woman accused her ex-husband and his sister of storming her apartment and beating and breaking her nose because of previous disputes between her and the sister. The citizen submitted a medical report stating she suffered a broken nose and bleeding, bruised eyes and mouth.

Car thieves caught
Hawally police busted a three-member Syrian gang that committed five car thefts. The three were caught when general security men noticed suspicious movements by three persons near a vehicle in front of a mall. Police approached the three and found tools used to break into cars. They were arrested and taken to the police station, where they confessed to commit five thefts during which they stole mobile phones and valuable items, which they sold to several shops.

Absconding woman found
Police arrested an absconding Egyptian woman with a drunk citizen. They had an imported liquor bottle. The woman had escaped from her family’s house in Fintas months ago and was put up by the young man in his apartment. The man was driving erratically, so he was pulled over and found to be under the influence, while the girl was found reported missing.

Fugitive arrested
Jahra police arrested a citizen wanted to serve a seven-year jail sentence following stiff resistance. Jahra patrolmen suspected a driver who was busy with his mobile phone, so he was pulled over. He claimed that he forgot his ID at home, so his fingerprint was scanned which revealed his identity and criminal record. He attempted to escape and resisted and insulted police, but was brought under control and sent to concerned authorities.

Drunkard detained
An Asian man was arrested by Jahra police when he was found sleeping near a power transformer in Jahra market. Passersby called police thinking the man may have suffered from hypoglycemia, but when police arrived, they found out that he was drunk and had dozed off. He was sent to police to be deported.

Murder threat
Sulaibiya police arrested four bedoons and freed a girl they had threatened to kill. Three of the bedoons were charged with attacking and insulting police. Police responded to a call about a dispute in a house, but a man came out and said it was a personal matter and that he will come to the police station. But policemen were surprised by a girl running out followed by a man with a knife. When he was stopped by a policeman, he attempted to attack him. He then threw the knife inside and dragged the girl inside, then another bedoon came out with a stick and demanded police go away. Back-up was called and the four were arrested.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies