kuwait-fishKUWAIT: A state official in a department concerned with resolving the problem of high zubaidi (silver pomfret) prices made a verbal proposal to a high ranking official at the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to include zubaidi in the ration card, so the artificial increase in prices can be absorbed and guarantee families regular supply, informed sources said.

However, the commerce ministry rejected such a proposal as a populist solution rather than a practical one, because adding unmerited products on the ration card does not present a true solution to this problem – rather it is an additional burden on the general budget, especially since it comes during a time the government is heading to reducing its expenditure and reconsidering the financing of the subsidized products network.

The sources added that the ministry cannot counter the rise of a price of product by adding it to the ration card, but through checking the reasons for the increase and discussing whether it is artificial or not.

The sources said the idea of the proposal is built on having a monthly share of zubaidi or other fish that have high demand and whose prices exceed citizens’ affordability, because fish is considered among the main products sought by citizens, provided that the supply department at the ministry decides the share of each person and signs a contract with a supplier of this product. — Al-Rai