KUWAIT: The Finance Ministry’s Undersecretary Khalifa Hamadah stressed that concerned bodies were currently conducting a study on rationalizing all types of subsidies, predicting that a related decision would take effect by the beginning of 2016. Hamadah also expected the study to be concluded and a report to be submitted about it to the cabinet by next September so that it could decide on implementing it by the beginning of 2016. “The study will include rationalizing gasoline subsidies, not lifting them,” he underlined, pointing out that the study also includes rationalizing foodstuffs, students, unemployed and social care subsidies and finding better ways to only subsidize those who deserve subsidies.

KAC pilot
MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji yesterday filed an inquiry asking Minister of Communications Essa Al-Kandari about news that a British porn star had entered the cockpit of a Kuwait Airways’ plane upon the pilot’s approval. MP Turaiji also inquired about what he described as ‘disgraceful practices by the pilot.’ MP Turaiji stressed that the incident involves violations of flight security procedures in the aftermath of 9/11, smoking ban rules and respecting KAC’s uniform. He also inquired about the procedures to be taken against the pilot knowing that he is one of the pilots of the Amiri plane as well as the usual procedures in case of a hijacking. Meanwhile, MP Sultan Al-Shemmari hailed the quick response of Minister Kandari who immediately ordered forming a special committee to investigate the matter. “Kandari was primarily an MP before becoming a minister,” he noted urging KAC’s board of directors to take proper measures to ensure avoiding such violations in the future.

Al-Aqsa Mosque
MP Hamdan Al-Azmi strongly condemned the “entry of scores of Zionists led by the extremist minister of agriculture Uri Ariel to the Al-Aqsa Mosque under protection from the occupation police to commemorate the anniversary of the destruction of the so-called Temple Mount.” MP Azmi also condemned the ban of Muslim worshippers from entering the mosque and urged the Kuwaiti government to strongly and officially condemn the incident and internationally work on deterring the Zionists. He also urged the government to summon all ambassadors designated to Kuwait and urge them to practice all possible pressure on the ‘Zionist Entity’ to stop the assaults against Palestinians. Meanwhile, the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) issued a statement condemning the break into the Aqsa mosque and urged Kuwaiti, Arab and Muslim governments to act and stop such violations. ICM also urged Muslim scholars to highlight such causes to keep them alive. “There is no end to such violations except by ending the occupation,” ICM stressed.

Railway project
MP Faisal Al-Kandari stressed the importance of having the state run the railway and subway projects by establishing a special public authority to execute and operate such projects. He added that all Gulf Cooperating Council states had already started executing their railway linkage projects while Kuwait is still lagging behind.

By A Saleh