KUWAIT: Three persons including a haris (building janitor) were charged with raping a female student in Qairawan. The girl said she befriended a person online, who asked her to come over to his house. She said she was raped there, then three hours later, he called another man to give her a ride. But this man took her to his flat in Riggae, then called a third man, who both raped her. Then a fourth man, the haris, was called, who raped her too. Police are investigating. In a separate case, a camera installed in an elevator documented a man molesting a woman inside. The girl went to the police station and told them the man touched her body. She screamed, so passersby caught him.

Child’s murder
The criminal court postponed the case of a child’s murder in which her parents are suspects. The court refused to release them, while the prosecution demanded the death penalty. The crime took place in Salmiya a few months ago when the parents beat their 5-year-old daughter to death. The parents then dumped her body in a freezer.

A citizen told Nugra police that a real estate company sold her a piece of land in the UK, and she paid 50 percent of its value (KD 6,000), but the company did not give her the title deed. Separately, a Syrian was charged with forgery for letting his four children leave the country illegally. He let them travel under his old name, although they are banned from doing so, because the father has several violations he must pay for before he or any of the children can leave. The departure was through the Abdaly border.

A citizen told Jabriya police that his daughter was injured at school and submitted a medical report stating her injuries. He did not accuse anyone. Meanwhile, a citizen told Qairawan police his two daughters were injured while at the nursery. He submitted a medical report stating one girl had a dislocated elbow, while the other had a bruise under the eye. Investigations are underway.

A citizen told police he robbed a bedoon because he was in need of money. The bedoon said the two have a business relationship and he knows him, adding the robbery was by force. Meanwhile, two unidentified persons were charged with armed robbery and posing as detectives, after a Bangladeshi told Nugra police he was robbed while walking by the two, who took his wallet with KD 3 and his civil ID, along with his iPhone. Separately, three men scaled the fence of Taima police station to steal a motorcycle. A security source said security cameras showed three persons entering the police station area. Police were able to arrest two of them, while the third is at large.

An Egyptian filed a complaint at Salmiya police station accusing her neighbor of damaging her car that was parked under the building where they live.

Drug possession
Ahmadi police arrested an ex-convict bedoon in Mahboula, as he had drugs and drugs paraphernalia on him. — Al-Anbaa