UstaAll Kuwaitis are in agreement that squandering must be stopped, but this squandering is present in more than one place. Some measures that are not in the right place, such as the announcement by the Civil Service Commission to stop masters and PhD scholarships, or halting training courses outside the country, without showing the amount of money such measures will save.

If you want to stop squandering, you should look into touristic treatments abroad, provided the decision will not affect the treatment of cancer, heart and liver patients. Furniture spending of some officials costs the state huge amounts of money, just because colors do not agree with the mood of this official or his office manager.

Freezing the decision of authorities that were created lately, because those authorities will require buildings, logistics services and appointments of undersecretaries and managers, without getting into discussions on the feasibility of those newly created authorities, and adding them to the documentary cycle such as the financial auditors authority. Add to this board members’ rewards, and those equal to them and benefits for relatives and friends in the chalet – everyone knows this story. What I did not understand until now is the KD 250 travel allowance for officials, bearing in mind that their movement does not include remote areas.

All this and other things all people know are to reduce the budget deficit and the squandering in it, instead of looking into what the simple citizens get, as if they are applying the popular saying “they envy the poor man for dying on Friday”!
A last word: The Civil Service Commission is headed by a team that has been there for three decades, and despite this, holidays are given in a wrong way, and cadres burden the state with unlimited problems and contribute to dangerous social discrimination. If you want to save and stop squandering, you should give some officials rest, who have become a burden on the government apparatus.

Was the message delivered? I hope so. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Qabas

By Qais Al-Usta