Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

Hi guys. I haven’t written for some time. Sorry, but I’m fatigued because I’m not writing. I’m fatigued with the news and that’s why I’m not writing. All that I see around me is killing, corruption, hypocrisy and irresponsibility. And it’s killing me. I’m talking about the whole Middle East, as if people are walking dead. They have no more feelings, no more passion. If you try to talk to them, it’s like talking to a wall; talking to someone who has come out of a grave with no feelings and no responsibility.

Daesh is thriving here and there. No government can stop it. Either they are baking people or grilling or shooting or cutting off heads or destroying heritage or selling or raping women and children. And all of us are silent – it has become regular news. Or Syrian and Iraqi refugees sinking in the seas and jumping over walls and barriers in Europe to reach a safe haven, chased by security forces and tripped by camerawomen.

So what can I write about? Even at home, open the papers and thank God it’s not war, and though we had a horrific bombing, I pray to God it will never be repeated. But nowadays, all what we read about is the bad economy and the deficit and the scaremongering that Kuwait is soon going to become a poor nation. As if Kuwait has no more oil and is finished, past tense. And we are getting donations from the United Nations.

Please guys, media people, stop it! This is not encouraging for the local market or investors or businesspeople. It’s very demoralizing for middle class businessmen and the majority of us. If someone plans to build a house, he will reconsider: Why should I renovate my house when we are approaching very bad days – let me save my money. This comes on many levels. Say I want to buy a new car, but then I read the papers and think I better save the pennies I have. I talk to my friends and they are all in the same mood.

How can the country prosper, for God’s sake, when all we hear is financial gloom and doom? Are we really that poor and I didn’t know about it and all of a sudden we are struck by poverty this year? OK, we had a bad year of oil prices going down. But it’s only been a year. So stop moaning. This doesn’t help the country or the nation.

By Badrya Darwish