It has been two and a half scary months in the weird world of isolation. Restaurants, cafes, shops, malls, everywhere except markets have shut down due to COVID-19. Many people have died and cases are rising every day, but we shouldn’t forget about all the people that have recovered. Yes, this global pandemic is getting worse but this global pandemic is also getting better. Not only are there survivors but people have adapted to this isolation. From inventing new sports games and finding a part of yourself you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise. I myself have found a love of writing I wouldn’t have found if we didn’t have this crisis. We ourselves can make a difference just by staying at home. Actor John Krasinski made a new show (Some good news) on youtube dedicated to just telling good news to brighten your day. There has to be some good in this pandemic. I would never have imagined my first year of middle school to end like this. Just shows what an adventure life is. We are all in the same boat and we are all battling this crisis. If you find yourself in a dark room, be the light.