20 people involved in fight near co-op branch

KUWAIT: Firefighters battle a blaze in a steel factory in industrial Mina Abdullah.

KUWAIT: Fire broke out in a steel factory in industrial Mina Abdullah, prompting Mina Abdullah, Um Al-Haiman, Mubarak Al-Kabeer hazardous material and backup fire stations to respond. The fire was contained and some people were rescued. It took firemen four hours to bring the flames under control. An investigation was opened to determine the cause of the fire.

A police statement said operations did not receive any call about an assistant principal of a school Tasering a teacher. The statement said investigations revealed that a fight took place between the two and no Taser was used, and the dispute was resolved friendlily.

Work mishap
An Indian man in his 50s lost his life when a machine he worked on fell on his head, Al-Anbaa reported yesterday. The body was recovered by the coroner as investigations underway to determine what led the accident to happen.

Ahmadi detectives are trying to identify a caller from a company phone and determine whether it is a male or female, as a man claimed he was urged to commit immoral acts. A citizen in his 20s in east Ahmadi told police he was harassed through the phone and handed them a screenshot.

A fight between more than 20 young men broke out near a branch of Dhahar Co-operative Society. The reason behind the fight was a collision between two vehicles. Police located the car that was driven recklessly and it was impounded, prior to arresting the driver and questioning him.

Smuggling foiled
Hitteen postal parcel center foiled an attempt to smuggle more than one kilogram of cannabis. The case was sent to the Drugs Control General Department, as authorities are working on identifying the person to whom the parcel was sent.

Forensic experts went to a citizen’s chalet in Nuwaiseeb to take evidence from the room of the guard after the place was raided and burgled.

Reckless driving
A citizen was arrested after being pulled over for driving erratically. He was found in an abnormal condition, and tablets suspected of being drugs were found, in addition to drugs paraphernalia.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies