KUWAIT: In an additional step to welcome back travelers to the country, Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, a world-class digital leader providing innovative services and platforms to customers, enabling the digital transformation in Kuwait, announced that it greeted arriving passengers at gates T1 and T4 in Kuwait International Airport by distributing special gifts as they welcomed them back to Kuwait.

The initiative falls under stc’s commitment to support the government’s battle against the pandemic as restrictions ease with the increased number of administered vaccines, as well as the Company’s extensive corporate social responsibility framework. The Company continues to work hard to satisfy its valued customers by implementing programs and introducing services that fulfill their needs, especially during times of hardship.

This comes as a continuation of the various activities implemented by the Company to support the community since the coronavirus outbreak. To showcase the joy of returning travelers, stc invited local media hosts and social media influencers including Yousif Al-Hajri and Bibi Al-Khudari, to cover the initiative and distribute the welcome back gifts to travelers.

stc stated, “Given the ongoing circumstances nations around the world are facing due to the pandemic, and stemming from our deep understanding of our customers’ needs, we will continue to introduce and design new concepts that cater to our market and the community. With the reopening of the Kuwait International Airport to foreign travelers, we saw this as an opportunity to assist arriving passengers in connecting with their loved ones.”

The company added “stc takes pride in its ability to utilize the breadth of its resources to contribute towards, and support those that have been affected by the repercussions of the pandemic. While this may only serve as a small gesture from stc, we continue to activate our dynamic CSR strategy across various social, environmental, and health aspects. We believe that through the government’s support and the companies within the private sector, we can mitigate the risk and uncertainty that this virus has triggered within our community.”

stc contributed to numerous programs and activities that are in line with the precautionary measures that it has implemented. Consequently, the company collaborated with various entities to support causes and sectors throughout Kuwait including sports, education, and entrepreneurship. Additionally, stc worked side by side with government entities and medical suppliers to help prevent the spread of infection. Throughout these initiatives stc encouraged the public to practice the precautionary health guidelines and preventative measures released by the Ministry of Health to mitigate the risks of the virus.

Relative to the decisions taken by the executive management, and in line with stc’s social responsibility strategy tied to enabling digital transformation for new and existing customers, whether individuals or corporates, stc aims to utilize its resources to provide the community with a helping hand and protect the nation from the harmful effects of the coronavirus.

stc added, “Emphasizing on its strategic vision to move the business forward, stc continues to see its actions transform into results. Various departments within the company have worked diligently to optimize operations, enhance systems and continue developing the 5G network in Kuwait, allowing stc to inch closer towards achieving its vision.”

Since the early stages of the pandemic, stc had set its sights on launching various initiatives and programs with the aim of backing the decisions strategically taken by the government and official authorities within the country to overcome these unprecedented times. This level of support is an ongoing and reoccurring commitment that stc and companies within the private sector uphold to back the Kuwaiti community and economy.

Aside from its objectives to spread awareness in this regard, stc strives to host and organize community-based events to enhance its role in backing the local education, environmental, and sports scene through numerous contributions of all sorts.

The Company also mentioned that it will spare no effort in effectively executing its health awareness campaigns and corporate social responsibility initiatives to shed light on important health aspects that impact the community. The Company collaborated with the Central Blood Bank, Tabeeby App, as well as other organizations to continue spreading a positive impact in the Kuwaiti society.

stc is committed to enhancing the quality of its products, services, customer relationships and operational efficiency in order to maintain its market position during difficult times and economic uncertainties in addition to the ongoing societal changes.