KUWAIT: A female citizen accused her husband of assaulting her for going out with her mother and sisters without notifying him, said security sources noting that the woman went to Riqqa police station with a medical report about a skull wound and several bruises all over a case was filed and the husband is being summoned for further investigations.

In another incident, a 22 year old female citizen recently filed a report with Mubarak Al-Kabeer police accusing her 45 year husband of assaulting her. She also reported that he forced her to drink a brownish beverage that caused her to miscarry her pregnancy.

The woman said that her husband first tried to make her drink to ‘help end up the relation’, as she put it, referring to his desire for her to abort the baby, but when she refused he beat her and forced her to. She claimed that shortly afterwards, she hemorrhaged and was rushed to hospital where she aborted her pregnancy. A case was filed and further investigations are in progress. Cases of spousal abuse have been on the rise in Kuwait in recent years, according to anecdotal evidence though no government statistics are reported on the matter. The Interior Ministry recently launched a hotline for Kuwaiti women facing spousal abuse (the service does not extend to support of expatriate wives facing spousal abuse).

Liquor factory busted Two Asians were arrested for running a home-made liquor factory in Ahmadi. When security sources raided the location, they found 1020 filled bottles, 83 full liquor barrels, 8 full brewing barrels, 10 cooking gas cylinders, 60 packs of yeast and 45 sugar sacks. A case was filed and the suspects were referred to relevant authorities.

Mubarak hospital death not negligence High-raking medical sources recently denied social media stories claiming that the death of citizen Abdullah Thamer Al- Amer at Mubarak hospital was due to medical error and explained that he died from a lung clot. The sources explained that the patient had been hospitalized to undergo a sleeve gastric surgery after which he was in ICU for seven days before he improved and moved to a normal hospital bed. The sources added that the fatal lung clot was not related to the surgery.