KUWAIT: The Acting director of the Public Authority for Sports and deputy director for competitive sports Dr Sager Al-Mulla has stressed that sports medicines has become a basic element in revolutionizing and developing sports. Speaking at the sidelines of opening the physiological tests department at the Sports medicine and health awareness center, Al-Mulla emphasized that the Sports Authority is keen on directing much of its effort and support to improve the level of health care provided to sportsmen at the center and cope with the latest international developments.

Al-Mulla also said that the new lab forms a substantial shift in sports medicine in Kuwait, adding that the center has a role in determining sportsmen health and fitness using standard scientific medical and physical tests. “Mandating all coaches to undergo special first aid training courses is a top priority to protect all players. It has become a necessity that all sports clubs and unions player procure their medical fitness certificates from the lab after undergoing advances tests for hearts, chest and veins in addition other tests to determine their body mass and analyze their bodies physical stamina and capacities in a most professional and developed manner,” Al-Mulla said.
He added that the lab will examine professional players an classify their professional quality as well as issue health fitness certificates to make sure it is safe for them to join various sports clubs.

By Abdullatif Al-Sharaa