Ghanem calls for voting in favor of Kuwaiti-Jordanian proposal

GENEVA: Kuwait’s National Assembly speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem addresses the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) General Assembly. — KUNA

GENEVA: Kuwait’s National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem yesterday called on parliamentarians around the world to reject the Israeli practices against the Palestinians. Ghanem, addressing the Inter-Parliamentary Union’s (IPU) General Assembly, said the Palestinians have been seeking peace for over 50 years only to be rewarded by rockets and artillery. He said the Palestinian file has deteriorated over the past six months because of Israel’s Jewish-state law, budget deficit of UNRWA and crisis of Khan Al-Ahmar village, where the Israeli occupation wanted to demolish properties of hundreds of Palestinians.

Ghanem said Kuwait, among other countries like Norway, Germany and Ireland, contributed to UNRWA to enable the UN agency carry out its operations. Ghanem urged lawmakers to join hands to confront the different challenges facing mankind, like human rights violations and sustainable development.

Kuwaiti-Jordanian proposal
Meanwhile, Ghanem called on IPU General Assembly members to vote in favor of Kuwaiti-Jordanian proposal, as an emergency resolution, related to addressing financial deficit of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees (UNRWA). During his speech, Ghanem said “as representatives of all the peoples of the world, not a particular geopolitical group, I appeal to you to vote for our proposal as an emergency call to UNRWA because of the urgency and gravity of this humanitarian issue not only today since the foundation of UNRWA in 1949.”

Ghanem added, “five million beneficiaries of UNRWA services, 677 schools, 143 medical centers and thousands of jobs will suffer and will be effected due to UNRWA’s financial deficit.” Therefore our duty as representatives of the people to stand by our Palestinian brethren who are in dire need of our standing and support today,” he said. The Kuwaiti-Jordanian proposal on the emergency item calls for the need to support the activities of the agency in attempt to save them from financial deficit.

Prominent status
Separately, member of the Kuwaiti parliamentary caucus MP Dr Khalil Abul said yesterday that Kuwait has occupied a prominent international status, indicating a major role by the Kuwaiti parliament in this regard. MP Abul was speaking to the press on sidelines of the 139th Assembly of the IPU in Geneva, after the permanent Committee on Sustainable Development, Finance and Trade meeting.

Alluding to his observation of much dependence on Kuwait within the IPU quarters in addressing issues, Abul boasted of the dependence on Kuwait, namely the parliament and Speaker Ghanem, along with members of parliamentary caucus, stating that “it gives me pride and appreciation and it raises Kuwait’s name.” MP Abul added that the meeting participants discussed importance of free fair trade and usage of renewable energy and its effect on development. – KUNA