Souq Mubarakiya open without appointments

By Ben Garcia

KUWAIT: Souq Mubarakiya is open to all now without restrictions and no appointments are needed to shop or visit. Restrictions were imposed when the market reopened in July and stayed in place until early September. “The market is now open to all, but we practice social distancing and check the temperature of shoppers at all the entry points of the market,” said an Indian security guard.

All entrances of Souq Mubarakiya are now open. “I came just to check if Mubarakiya is open to customers; the last time I came was a month ago, and they still required shoppers to have appointments,” said a Filipino shopper who came from Salmiya.

The coronavirus outbreak led to the total closure of Souq Mubarakiya on April 4. The market reopened on May 31, but other souqs and malls were only allowed to reopen on June 30. Souq Mubarakiya is a popular shopping destination for citizens and expats alike, with its traditional shops, eateries, cafes and teahouses.