KUWAIT: A citizen accused her son of deliberately torching her house and filed a felony complaint against her son at Sulaibikhat police station. The 54-year-old woman told police that the fire, which her son started, damaged the house’s contents and endangered her life for no apparent reason. The prosecutor ordered to record it as arson and the son is being summoned to question him about the incident.

Saudi men arrested Three Saudi nationals were sent to state security for suspicions after they escaped from an inspection point in Yarmouk. The men were arrested at the airport road intersection, but no banned material was with them.

Fake maids’ company busted Residency Affairs Department’s detectives yet again busted a bogus maids’ office and this time arrested 10 women. Five of the women are Nepalese, two are Indonesians, two, Sri Lankans and one is Indian. The maids promoted their services through social media and charged KD 10 per hour. They were managed by a bedoon (stateless), who disappeared when his network was busted. All of the women were sent to concerned authorities.

Insulted by neighbor A citizen complained against her Gulf national neighbor for insulting her at her residence in Qairawan. Police summoned the neighbor to question her about those claims. In another incident, two brothers who are citizens insulted a police officer after he issued them a traffic citation for the loud music coming from their car.

Taxi driver beats passenger A fight broke out between a taxi driver and a Bangladeshi passenger over the fare causing injuries to the passenger. The passenger told Khaitan police that he was beaten hard by the taxi driver and gave them a medical report to support his claims. The driver is being summoned by police.

Drug arrests Three bedoons and an Egyptian were arrested in Taima with five bags of shabu (meth) and paraphernalia and were sent to the Drugs Control General Department (DCGD). Also, a Gulf national was arrested following a chase for being under the influence and possession of narcotics. The arrest was made in Sulaibiya and the man was sent to DCGD. Also, security men arrested a citizen who had three envelopes of heroin and 20 narcotic pills on him. The citizen resisted arrest and attempted to escape before being brought under control by Hawally police. The suspect was sent to concerned authorities.

Mugged A Pakistani man told Khaitan police that four juveniles mugged him, took his KD 88 cash, wallet and smart phone, while threatening him at knife point. Three of the suspects were later arrested while the fourth escaped. Police are investigating.

Illegal cash transfer A suspect transferred KD 630 from the account of a citizen through the internet. The citizen said he discovered the transfers through the bank’s SMS notifications, so he called the bank and requested to stop the use of his ATM, before filing the complaint. Police are investigating. —Al-Rai