KUWAIT: solutions by stc, the specialized business arm of Kuwait Telecommunications Company – stc, announced that it has formed a long-term partnership with Agfa HealthCare to provide advanced cloud-hosted enterprise imaging services to healthcare providers in Kuwait. The partnership aims to leverage the strengths of both companies within their fields to offer customers a wealth of expertise and technological solutions catered to their specific domains.

In a statement, solutions by stc indicated that the newly formed partnership will enable the Company to serve the healthcare market by combining its cloud-based solutions with Agfa HealthCare enterprise imaging technology. To better serve local customers, solutions by stc will be offering a range of connectivity, cloud-based, and integrated network solutions, as well as managed services to enhance the process.

Additionally, the two companies have agreed to offer the medical imaging applications through cloud-hosted services delivered through solutions by stc’s data hosting facility in Kuwait. This will in return simplify the deployment phase and enable local healthcare facilities to utilize the image management solution at affordable rates.

The Enterprise Imaging Solution offered by Agfa HealthCare is a sophisticated and unified platform that provides an imaging management system, vendor neutral archiving (VNA), a powerful workflow engine, real-time interdisciplinary collaboration tools, XERO Universal Viewer, advanced clinical tools, and efficient reporting functionality.

The integrated solution thereby supports value-based care coordination, while equipping caregivers with a broad range of tools that can assist in achieving quality outcomes for patients. According to the partnership agreement, and building on Agfa HealthCare’s latest Enterprise Imaging Solution, the services will be first offered to solutions by stc’s existing healthcare customers.

solutions by stc commented that the partnership falls in line with its commitment to deliver modern and innovative technological solutions to its customers. The Company currently provides an extensive offering line to assist corporate customers in their digital transformation journey. When introducing new concepts, the Company applies a design thinking approach to widen its offering base, especially when collaborating with market leaders.

As a business solutions provider, solutions by stc offers a range of connectivity solutions, fixed or wireless services, 5G technology, ICT, IoT and the IT products and services. The Company also launched the 5G LIVEBUS, a safe and smart bus solution supported by 5G connectivity to provide a safe and convenient method of transportation for passengers.

solutions by stc aims to continue exploring new alternative methods of applying digital and cloud-based concepts that can greatly enhance the efficiency and productivity of existing applications. As the digital era continues to expand through transformative milestones, the Company aims to keep pace with the rapidly evolving tech-world and become the gateway to its customers’ appetite for digital innovation.