realfouzThe people surrounding us and who we allow to enter our lives and stay say so much about ourselves. Regardless of the type of relationship, whether it was a partnership, friendship and so on, it all indirectly affects us and how we become. It’s human nature to meet new people almost every other day, and experience their impact in our lives, even if it was in the simplest forms, such as a smile. I’ve met so many people throughout my life, sometimes I think back about it and say “I could’ve dealt with them differently”.

The reason is that, I sometimes can be extremely naive, and I admit that a lot. However, if you think about it, believing people and who they say they are isn’t naive, is it? I can’t tell nowadays to be honest. My number one rule to who I associate myself with is that they always had to be genuine people. I don’t care what they do as a living, how they live their lives, what decisions they make, any other character is really irrelevant to me. As long as you’re being honest about who you are, even if it was admitting to being a bad person, I respect that, and respect you. At least you were honest!

We usually don’t notice the gradual changes that occur when we start associating ourselves to different types of people, for example, I’ve always loved listening to other people’s stories and all about their experiences and obstacles they face, because I always wanted to help out, however, I never really thought about how that would affect me in the long run. I started being more aware of the problems and how people can be cruel to people, and the more I heard about their issues the more I started being negative and extremely cautious about meeting new people and socializing. So, I started to believe that sometimes, and to many people, our relationships with friends, partners and so on can really change the way we see things about people and life in general. It’s not intentional that you change but your brain automatically picks up the energy from the people around you and starts adapting to how they are.

Positive energy
This is why it’s extremely important to socialize with the right people, by right I meant the people who inspire you to do better and become a better individual. If our friends and partners encouraged us to do good and to see good in others. Energy is something we pick up throughout our lives, and you choose what energy to pick up from the people around you, and it’s more positive and healthy to be around those who want to see you succeed and grow, who want you to change for the better, and most importantly see the good in you.

We should always be careful with who we mingle with. Enjoy your time, have fun with everyone and learn from their mistakes, but never allow someone to bring you down or make you feel like you’re not good enough for anything you want to do, whether it was in your personal or work life. You also need to be ok with the idea of being yourself and spending time for yourself to plan and organize what you want to do in the long run and set a plan. If you’re dependent on others, it’s a weakness, because it is only when you’re with people that you’ll do well or it can have a negative effect on how you see things and your enthusiasm. No one knows your full potential other than yourself because it’s you how will be doing all the work and putting in all your efforts to achieve your goal and dream.