KUWAIT: Detectives received several notices to investigate more than 10 accounts belonging to social media celebrities to determine the source of funds deposited in the accounts, Al-Jarida reported yesterday quoting sources who noted that investigation calls were motivated by suspicions of money laundering. The suspected social media influencers will be sent to the public prosecution in case of any illegal action. The referral was due to the inflated accounts of several ‘fashionistas,’ as their balances exceeded millions, said the sources, adding that they must prove the source of the money which was locally transferred to them from companies and individuals. If investigations reveal the existence of money laundering, the accounts will be frozen and owners will be sent to the prosecution.

Two unidentified persons attacked two Kuwaiti citizens near Messila beach following a dispute. Detectives are working to arrest the two suspects and their accomplice, who was waiting in a car, Al-Rai reported. A security source said the incident took place in Messila when the attackers almost ran over the citizens, then a fight broke out. The two suspects then got out of the car with two swords and attacked the citizens – one of them suffered a deep wound in his arm, muscles and tendons, while the second was injured in the tendons of his left hand and broke his fingers. A complaint was lodged at Adan police station.

Environmental violation
Six people, three citizens and three Asians, were sent to the Environment Public Authority (EPA) after they were caught uprooting saxaul plants from the desert and threatening wildlife. The fine for each person may reach KD 250 in case of settlement with the EPA, and in case of repeat offenses, the fine may reach KD 5,000 in court, Al-Rai reported yesterday

Cleaner insulted
Criminal detectives are looking for a citizen who beat, filmed and insulted a cleaning worker after accusing him of theft. A video clip went viral showing a man attacking the worker, accusing him of theft, but the worker denied the accusations. Meanwhile, detectives were able to identify the attacker and he will be arrested and questioned, reported Al-Rai.