KUWAIT: Six people died in multiple accidents reported yesterday around Kuwait. The first incident was reported at the Nuwaiseeb Road where an unidentified motorist died after his American-made vehicle collided with a tractor trailer. Meanwhile, a 52-year-old Indian man died when his truck collided with another at the Subbiya Road. In the third incident, a Kuwaiti man died in a two-car collision reported at the Fahaheel Road. Also yesterday, a 6-yearold Saudi child drowned in a swimming pool inside a chalet at Abdulla Port. In the meantime, a construction worker was killed when he fell from a high place at a building under construction in Miseelah. And in Nugra, a Sri Lankan domestic worker died when she slipped and fell while trying to escape from the window of her sponsor’s home, according to investigations.

Freed from ‘ring’ Firemen helped free a person’s finger that was stuck in his right ring finger. The person first went to Sabah Hospital, but all attempts to free him over the course of two days failed and the man lost sensation in his finger. The man then went to Fire Technical Rescue where firemen were able to cut the ring in just five minutes.

Jabriya fire A fire broke out in a Jabriya building. Hawally and Salmiya firemen responded to the scene and tackled the blaze that had started in a first floor apartment. The building was evacuated and the fire was put out. No injuries were reported