Shuwaikh shop worker attacker sentenced to 17 years in jail

KUWAIT: The Criminal Court yesterday sentenced a Kuwaiti citizen to 17 years in jail on charges of severely assaulting a shop worker in Shuwaikh and leaving him in a critical condition. Meanwhile, the court exonerated the Egyptian worker from physical assault charges that the citizen had pressed. The suspect was charged with using excessive force against the shop worker following a dispute over spare parts for his motorcycle. The incident had sparked outrage in the local community, and prompted Egyptian officials to intervene and demand justice for their compatriot.

Fishermen protest
A large number of trolling fishermen gathered at Al-Shamlan marina in Sharq yesterday, saying that all trolling boats stopped working because of the ban on shrimping in territorial waters, which caused them severe losses, adding that their helpers plan to leave the country. Head of the Kuwait Fishermen Union Dhaher Al-Suwayan demanded that the government compensates them after the heavy losses they incurred due to the shrimping ban decision that was made by the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs and Fish Resources.

Fatal crash
Three brothers were killed in a car accident on Sixth Ring Road, which also left two other citizens critically injured. A police source said the three brothers were heading to Salmi desert when their car was involved in a collision with another vehicle. Police and paramedics rushed to the scene as firemen removed the men from their wrecked vehicles. The deceased’s bodies were taken to the coroner.

Traffic dispute turns violent
A woman accused a man of physical assault, but the man told police that his actions were in self-defense and countered with filing a murder attempt case against the woman, Al-Rai reported yesterday. According to the police report, the incident started when the two were involved in a traffic dispute, after which the woman went in pursuit of the man who drove away from the scene. When the man arrived at this home, he was shocked to see the woman getting out of her car with a knife in hand, which she tried to attack him with. He was able to overpower the woman and take the knife out of her hand. After that, the woman headed to the police station and accused the man of physically assaulting her. The man was summoned, and he told police that the woman harassed him on the road and put his life in danger. Investigations are ongoing.

Thieves caught
Detectives arrested three Syrian brothers, who were mugging expats at knifepoint, and wounded some of them to scare them and take their belongings. The three formed a gang that carried out armed robberies and specifically targeted expats of various nationalities. They used to stalk victims in public places and dark alleys, then stop and mug them. Detectives were able to identify the men and when they were together in a café, detectives moved in and arrested them after fierce resistance. The men were taken to the criminal detectives department. The three denied charges at the start, then following a line-up victims identified them, and they confessed to committing the crimes.

Two citizens exchanged blows after one of them mocked the other on social media. The incident started when one of the men made some offensive comments against the other, which made him angry and he responded in kind. The two agreed to meet and as soon as they saw each other, a fight broke out. Both filed charges as police are investigating. Separately, Ahmadi police broke up a fight between two Egyptian women in Fintas, which started after one of them hit the other’s car while parked. Both were charged with exchanging blows.

This article was published on 09/09/2018