KUWAIT: Shuwaikh detectives arrested a Palestinian man who stole vehicles’ license plates and used them on his vehicle while ripping off various garages, where he usually had expensive tires fixed and then used to speed off without paying for them. A security source said seven similar cases had been filed against the suspect, who often changed his vehicle’s license plate number to avoid being identified. The sources added that the suspect was ambushed and arrested after committing the eighth robbery. He confessed and led police to a large number of the new tires that had not yet been sold, in addition to the stolen license plate numbers he had been using.

New machines
Kuwait Municipality’s acting deputy director for Hawally and Ahmadi affairs Faisal Al-Jumaa said that new machines had been added to the new cleaning contracts. Responding to an inquiry by Municipal Council member Mohammed Al-Raqeeb, Jumaa said three contracts had been signed to provide cleaning services in Hawally governorate, adding that the new contracts include adding GPS devices, fingerprint systems for workers, suction devices, tow trucks and new heavy machinery. Jumaa stressed that all cleaning companies should regularly clean garbage containers and replace those broken with new ones. He also noted that according to the contracts signed with the companies, garbage will be usually collected from midnight until 8 am.

Neutral committee
Minister of Public Works Hossam Al-Roumi decided to form a new neutral committee to investigate the violations recently committed in the tenders signed by the Public Authority for Roads and Transportation (PART), said informed sources. The sources added that the committee had been formed upon recommendations made by the primary investigation committee that discovered serious violations in tender numbers 242, 260, 257, 243 and 266, including changing the documents of qualification and of assessing the participating companies.

By A Saleh