KUWAIT: A high school student found the head of a slaughtered sheep in her bag, with a piece of paper lift in its mouth reading “it is a sheep’s head today, but it will be yours tomorrow.” Girls inside the classroom located in a Mubarak Al-Kabeer school became terrified when the student removed the blood-stained head from her bag, and some of them even fainted, according to sources. The school principal was notified, and she instructed that the head be placed in garbage bag and thrown outside the school’s fence, according to the sources.
Director of Mubarak Al-Kabeer Zone Mansour Al-Daihani visited the school and instructed that the principal be sent to the legal affairs department for investigations due to lack of supervision, and for her responsibility for the lack of operating cameras on campus. The student’s father was about to inform police about the incident out of fear for his daughter, but officials at the Mubarak Al-Kabeer Educational Zone convinced him to be wait for the internal investigation’s results and promised to punish the culprit.

Prostitutes arrested
Police arrested two women who came to Kuwaiti to practice prostitution inside an apartment they rented in Jabriya. Detectives had launched an investigation after a video clip appeared on social media showing two women who said that they were Czeck and came to Kuwait to offer sexual services in exchange of KD 400 per night. An undercover agent was sent to them, and after he gave a signal to detectives, they stormed the place and arrested the prostitutes.

Drug addict
A drug addicts claimed that he used drugs because he felt depressed after receiving some bad news from his home country. The Egyptian man was pulled over after police noticed him driving erratically, and they discovered that he was driving under the influence of drugs. Police found drugs and paraphernalia with him. He was sent to Drugs Control General Department.

Fake detective
Criminal detectives are looking for a man who impersonated a police detective and tried to sneak out of his responsibility over a traffic accident. The accident took place in Hawally when a sports utility vehicle (SUV) collided with a sedan. The SUV’s driver came out and headed to the other vehicle’s driver, identified himself as a police detective and asked for his ID and that of his companion on grounds that he had obstructed traffic. The two men grew suspicious and decided to call police, which prompted the suspect to escape. — Translated by Kuwait Times from the Arabic press