KUWAIT: Ahmadi prosecutor ordered the arrest of three men who sexually assaulted a policeman working at the border department of the interior ministry, then threatened to kill him if he complained about what happened. The victim said the attack may be due to old differences with the suspects, but did not say anything about the nature of the problems. A police source said the victim told police he was with a friend, then they went to another friend’s house. After that, they went in a car owned by a third friend who was accompanied by a person he could not identify. He said that he was taken to an isolated area where one of the suspects beat him while the other raped him. The third suspect made the threats to kill him if he told about what happened.

Man beats up ex-wife
A female citizen accused her ex-husband of storming her house, beating her and abducting their son. The victim went to the station with a medical report stating that she had bruises. She said the suspect knocked at her door and when she opened it, he beat her with a stick, then kidnapped the boy. The suspect denied the charges, so she brought witnesses. He then admitted that he committed the acts. The boy was handed back to his mother while the man was detained.

– Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai