Prince Miteb bin Abdullah (AFP)

DUBAI: Senior Saudi Prince Miteb bin Abdullah, a former National Guard head once seen as a contender to the throne, has been freed after more than three weeks in detention, according to Twitter messages by royal family members yesterday. “Almighty, thanks be to you…” wrote Abeer bint Khaled bin Abdullah in a posting on her Twitter account.

Posting an apparent file photo of Prince Miteb, she added: “May God give you long life, long life full of health, and keep you for us.” Writing on his Twitter account, Moaid Mahjoob, who identifies himself as director of external relations for Princess Jawahar Al-Saud, said Prince Miteb “had been released and that he was at his home in Riyadh”. Another royal family member, Princess Nouf bint Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud, also posted a similar message on Twitter, writing over a photo of Prince Miteb: “May you be safe for us, Abu Abdullah.”