KUWAIT: A citizen’s body was found decomposed in a Jahra stable, and it was recovered by the coroner to determine the cause of death. A citizen told police that his 74-year-old father was missing, so he went to the stable where his father used to spend time, and found his decomposed body. He identified him by his clothes.

Criminal detectives decided to deport a Syrian man who blackmailed a Saudi woman and sent messages to her cousins in Saudi Arabia telling them he has the woman’s pictures. A Saudi national told police that a Syrian man threatened his daughter after she left him when she realized her relationship with him was a mistake. The suspect somehow got the numbers of her relatives in Saudi Arabia and sent them messages telling them he has the girl’s pictures and that he will shame them. Detectives took over the case and identified the suspect, then followed him in his car and asked him to pull over, but he refused. When he was forced to stop, he gave them his brother’s ID, but failed to deceive them. The man attempted to escape on foot and entered a house, but was finally arrested. – Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Rai