Search on for Jahra child rapist

KUWAIT: Criminal detectives are searching for a man who kidnapped an Egyptian child from a Jahra public park, raped him, then brought back to where he kidnapped him. The 10-year-old boy was reportedly playing in the park with his family, when the suspect kept an eye on him.

As the child went further from his family, the suspect lured him to the outside, put him in his car, then took him to an isolated area where he raped him before bringing him back to where he picked him up from and left him crying. The child’s cries alerted passersby, who helped him look for his family and managed to reunite him with them.

When the family members became aware of what happened, they rushed the victim to the nearest police station and filed a complaint. An investigation was opened to identify, arrest the suspect and send him to face legal procedures. – Al-Rai