KUWAIT: Scores of violators and fugitives were arrested during a recent crackdown in Shuwaikh. Among the detainees were people reported absconding, in addition to others who failed to produce valid IDs or held expired residency permits. The detainees were taken to the proper authorities for further action.

Drug dealer caught
Criminal detectives arrested an American man in Jabriya and found seven kilograms of marijuana, five grams of cocaine, a pistol with 24 rounds, along with KD 14,000 in cash inside his house. The suspect admitted that the money found in his place were collected from selling drugs in only one month. He also confessed that he sold five kilograms of drugs out of 12 he had managed to smuggle into the country. Authorities moved after receiving tips about the suspect’s activity, and that he met with individuals who had criminal record related to drugs. The suspect was arrested a few days after his compatriot was caught inside his Mahboulah apartment for drug trafficking.

Smuggling foiled
A citizen was arrested upon his arrival from Europe as he had marijuana on him. customs officers found the drugs inside a pack of cigarettes the passenger was carrying, so he was arrested and taken to Jleeb Al- Shuyiukh police station for further action.

A Japanese-made vehicle collided with three others and mounted them in Jleeb Al-Shuyiukh. No injuries were reported. Meanwhile a four-car accident on Forth Ring Road left one man injured, and he was taken to hospital where his condition was described as stable.

Bootlegger caught
Ahmadi police arrested an Asian man in Mahboula for selling alcoholic drinks. Patrol officers noticed a vehicle whose driver tried to escape when he saw police, so he was pulled over and liquor bottles were found in his car. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Cops cited for smoking
Environment Public Authority and environment police noticed two policemen were smoking in the reception area of Shamiya police station. Citations were issued to the smokers, and to the officer who allowed them to smoke. They were also cited for having ashtrays inside the police station. The two policemen and officer were referred to concerned authorities for violating environment law 56/2014 and its amendments.

False alarm
A woman called police saying that her boyfriend kidnapped her, but when officers went to her location, they discovered that she had voluntary accompanied him and was intoxicated when she made the call. Police found cash with the Jordanian woman and her Kuwaiti boyfriend, which officers suspect they had stolen. The two were sent to concerned authorities for further action.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and Agencies