Jenan Bushehri

KUWAIT: Housing Minister and State Minister for Services Jenan Bushehri said a proposal to build housing complexes like those in Sawaber and rent the apartments to Kuwaiti newlyweds at a nominal rent adversely affects the efforts of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and keeps it from implementing its plan that aims at providing 12,000 units to citizens.

State property
Kuwait Municipality Director General Ahmad Al-Manfouhi asked emergency and road occupancy teams to deal with car offices that use state property to display their vehicles for sale. He asked the Hawally department to check violations on the coastal road by such offices, as several warnings have been issued, so that the cars on display will be removed before being impounded. The department issued citations to some offices that concretized vast areas of pavements and damaged state property. Some violators do not have any licenses, while others have permissions to display their vehicles over an area of 12 sq m, but many of them use public land.

Social care center
The number of beneficiaries of the social care center at the Ministry of Social Affairs during March was nearly 5,000 persons. Statistics by the ministry said the total number of those who benefit from the family nursing department is 1,045 cases – 36 in the children’s home, 11 in the girls’ home, 91 in guest homes, 617 in the nursery department, 220 in the children follow-up department and 70 cases in the care of Kuwaitis abroad department. Statistics also showed the number of those in the juvenile care home during March was 456 cases, and there were 3,387 elderly care cases.
By A Saleh