The Kuwait Times is publishing daily recaps of two of the Kuwaiti soap operas airing on Al Rai TV and MBC Drama. Here are the recaps of the 27th episode:

Saq Al Bamboo
Saq Al Bamboo

‘Saq Al bamboo’ (Bamboo Stalk)
Hind finds a flat for Eisa in Jabriya area to live, instead of staying with his friend from the mosque. He is happy that it’s in the same area with his friends including Ghasan. He buys a bicycle as he doesn’t have enough money for taxi. Hind is running the elections and Ghasan tells her that she is happy that Eisa is away as the elections are more important for her than him, and his existence may cause her scandals. Eisa replies to the email that Noor sent him long time ago, apologizing he was late with replying as he was busy with the house.

Merla comes to Kuwait and visits Eisa. He is surprised and happy to see her in Kuwait. She told him she came to work here, in a Spanish restaurant as she also speaks the language. Noor’s brother Eisa invites her to go out with Khawla but she refuses. Her mother tells her she has to go to Ghanima’s house to apologize. She is nice to Noor as she wants her to marry Jaber. Noor meets Eisa and asks him for help her not to marry Jaber. But she says that her personality has changed, later agrees to meet Jaber and his family.

Been Galbin (Between Two Hearts)
Dana’s father marries Fareeda. At the wedding, Dana calls Masoud as Bashar by mistake and then apologizes. Aryam asked an agency to send customers to her agency. Her uncle calls her, worried about her, spending KD 20 thousand within a month paying for those customers. Marzouq hears the conversation and goes to Bashar’s office to tell him he is a swindler as he lets Aryam spend so much money on him by paying for clients. Bashar is shocked and goes to his house.
Noor goes to her house and finds Bashar there, after Aryam called her asking for him. Bashar complained that Aryam wants to control him. When Marzouq calls Aryam, she knows about what happened in Bashar’s office and that he is angry with him.
When she arrives she meets Noora at the door who tells her that Bashar doesn’t want to see her because she thinks she owns him. Aryam replies that she loves Bashar and she won’t let anybody take him from her.

By Nawara Fattahova