His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah last week gave orders to reduce the budget of the Amiri Diwan and rationalize it. This is the Sabah of “goodness”, and that is his political savvy, as he set an example to accustom us in all issues, so all state officials may follow his example in their ministries and government departments.

Good morning for the “Sabah of Goodness” – we pray to Almighty Allah to steady his steps, so that he remains the beacon of Kuwait. His Highness felt what the state needs and gave his orders to rationalize and be careful with the state’s funds to face the financial crisis that is linked to oil prices, which is the crisis the influence of which is not limited to Kuwait only, rather it is at the world level, and this sublime initiative will no doubt be the start for many Kuwait officials and people to follow suit.

While we call upon all to follow this initiative, we wonder about the stands of some areas despite this crisis. Among such stands for example is the education ministry, which asked the finance ministry not to reduce its budget or touch the outstanding job rewards for its employees. I wonder here about some of these officials who are asking to increase the budget and ignore the lack of rationalization.

Let our words today be the message of HH the Amir, the “Sabah of Goodness”, to become our new policy, so that we overcome our economic and financial crises. These are the messages that I am sending through my column for some people to take example of the wisdom of HH the Amir, “Sabah of Goodness”:

* To those who are traveling around the world under the official duties category, we say: Easy with Kuwait’s budget.
* To all those who squander public funds either by buying furniture, gifts, etc under the slogan “the prestige of the position” we say: Easy with the people of Kuwait.
* To those who hold unfruitful parties and gatherings, only to appear in the media we say: Easy with Kuwait.

For all those who do not know the meaning of rationalization, guidance and how to reduce the budget we say: Follow “Sabah of Goodness”. A final world from the sublime speech of HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad, may Allah protect him, during the opening of the fourth session of the 14th legislative parliamentary term on Tuesday Oct 27, 2015.

“And as I put before you the facts and the dimensions of the crisis, and ask the Assembly and government urgently to take immediate reform measures and actions, I assure that both the Assembly and the government will set a good example in the embodiment of discipline and commitment to these reforms and programs taking advantage of this opportunity to correct our economic course seeking other sources of income to reinforce our capabilities and potentials.”

– Translated by Kuwait Times from Al-Anbaa

By Dr Nermin Al-Houti