Sabah of Glory

Abdullah Buwair

Talking or writing about such a unique great political figure, one feels speechless due to the humongous achievements and humane deeds of HH Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, may Almighty Allah protect him. Since he was 25, HH the Amir has been taking up huge responsibilities. He has worked day and night to serve our country for over 64 years. He never complained. He tirelessly, continuously and creatively worked hard.

In parliament, he was named ‘The Fireman’ because he used to let lawmakers say whatever they wanted before he intervened to kill any tense debates and resolve problems. With smiles on his face, HH the Amir has never let anybody down. He is very benevolent, without waiting for rewards. He only does it for charity. Yes, indeed, His Highness the human and leader is the best father, brother and friend.

HH the Amir’s name has been associated with the ministry of foreign affairs, although he assumed other positions. HH the Amir managed to make Kuwait’s foreign policy a role model in diplomacy and prioritizing public interests to local or regional ones. He is indeed a master of foreign diplomacy. His policy has been built on assisting Arab countries with all of Kuwait’s political and financial potentials through loans and grants, which helped resolve many regional disputes.

Your Highness, you managed to turn Kuwait into a hub for aid for everyone. You are steadily leading our beloved Kuwait towards more prosperity and stability thanks to your wisdom and vision about surrounding threats and regional tensions. “Our diplomacy has been building bridges of peace amongst peoples” – these were the words you used in May to sum up the basis of Kuwait’s diplomacy you founded.

By Abdullah Bowair