Ryan Reynolds

The 45-year-old actor – who has daughters James, six, Inez, five, and Betty, two, with wife Blake Lively and was previously married to Scarlett Johansson – is “proud” of himself for tackling his problems and “working out” his issues”. He admitted: “I was in a bad place in my 30. There was just too much conflict in my head. I saw a therapist. I read some books. “That’s a good time to work out your issues. I’m proud of myself for doing that.” And the ‘Deadpool’ star described learning how to deal with conflict without fighting has been life-changing for him.

He told The Times magazine: “Acquiring the tools for conflict resolution has been crucial for me. If someone is angry with us we have an instinct to fight back. “Learning how to listen and empathize even in the heat of confrontation was essential for me. It changed my life.” Ryan hopes being open about his issues can help other people in similar positions. He said: “I’ve spoken out about my anxiety issues. I hope it helps people. I overthink, overwork, overworry. I overcommit sometimes too.” The Wrexham FC owner has a “very strict” routine to ensure he can put his family first.

He explained: “At home I wake up at 4.45am to meditate. That’s pretty much the only time I get to myself. “The kids are up two hours later and then they get 100 per cent of my attention. I walk them to school then go to work. “In the evenings I have a very strict regime. I don’t care who’s on the phone. I’m with my wife and family and I put my phone away. I’m in bed by 9.30pm. Sorry, you’re not talking to a sexy 2.30am swinger here…” – Bang Showbiz