International airlines incurred around $320 billion in losses by April, while Arab airlines lost $28 billion by the end of February due to the suspension of commercial flights because of the coronavirus outbreak. It is expected airlines will take four to six years to recover from the losses, if a vaccine is found for the virus.

The return of aviation is considered one aspect of returning to normal life, particularly if we realize that International airlines are a main contributor to the global economy as they transport one-third of trade by air.

The aviation sector is going through vast chaos due to major losses because of the grounding of aircraft fleets in an unprecedented phenomenon not witnessed in history before. Airlines are working on how to manage the financial crisis without a source of revenue, in addition to controlling liquidity to meet commitments for employees’ salaries as well as suppliers.

Airlines and airports are currently getting ready to implement procedures required by authorities to safeguard flight safety as a prelude to resuming the operation of commercial flights gradually, coinciding with some countries’ preparations to resume organized tourism with very strict conditions to guarantee the health and safety of tourists. Among the notable countries that are promoting tourism products are Spain and Greece, by starting to advertise the touristic agenda, so are we going to do likewise?