MP Abdulhameed Dashti
MP Abdulhameed Dashti

KUWAIT: MP Abdullah Al-Turaiji and lawyer Duwaim Al-Muwaizri yesterday filed a case against MP Abdulhameed Dashti related to his recent visit to the family of Emad Mughniya. Turaiji and Muwaizri, who are acting as attorneys-of-law of an heir of one of the Al-Jabriya plane martyrs, accused Dashti of creating a tumult, striking national unity and undermining the state prestige by his visit.

Dashti recently visited the father of the late Emad Mughniya, who was assassinated in 2008 and had been accused of being responsible for the 1988 hijacking a Kuwait Airways plane, Al- Jabriya, in which two Kuwaiti citizens died. Last week, National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanem strongly condemned Dashti’s visit to Mughniya’s family in Lebanon, labeling it provocative, irresponsible and unacceptable. Also commenting on the visit, MP Abdullah Al-Adwani described the visit as provocative to all Kuwaitis. “I wish Dashti had visited the Jabriya flight victims’ families and kissed their heads instead! But he only represents himself,” he said.

MP Hamdan Al-Azmi meanwhile criticized what he described as the government’s silence towards such an unacceptable provocative action of glorifying one of Kuwait’s worst enemies and visiting his family and forgetting all about the Al-Jabriya flight hijack in the 1980s and the murdering of Kuwaiti citizens. “This is typical of Dashti,” he said, noting that he only blamed those keeping silent about it. “What if someone visited the family of Al- Sadiq Mosque bomber and kissed them on the forehead… will they also keep silent?!” he wondered. He blamed Dashti’s supporters in both powers and said, “You reap what you sow!” reminding them that Dashti had previously visited Bashar Al-Assad.

MP Dashti explained that his visit to the family of the ‘martyred hero’ Imad Mughniya, as he referred to him, was one to the family of a hero who had resisted the Israeli occupation until he was assassinated “at the very same time when MP Turaiji and his likes of apparent and hidden Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State affiliates only fought Israel with words and sophisticated talk,” he said. He urged Turaiji to stop profiteering and pretending to be someone else. “You are only trying to fish in murky waters but the Kuwaiti people are well aware of such attempts,” he said.

Al-Watan’s license
Well – informed sources at the Public Authority for Industry (PAI) said that PAI had issued a decision officially withdrawing the license of the land that had been used by Al-Watan Publishing House and returning it to state property.

Work ban hours
Acting Manpower Public Authority Director Abdullah Al-Motoutah said that inspections in 530 outdoor construction and working sites in the period of June 1- 22 found 544 workers working on open sites though there is a current ban to work on open sites from 11 am to 4 pm, from June 1 until the end of August. Motoutah added that 368 of the sites were re-inspected and that three of them were found still in violation.

Stolen electric cables
A number of Jaber Al-Ahmed residents recently reported that their houses’ electric cables had been robbed by specialized gangs that usually cut the cables from each house’s main supply line and pull the cables from the other end of the house’s roof.

By Meshaal Al-Enezi