KUWAIT: A vehicle impounded for reckless driving.

KUWAIT: A citizen told police he saw a vehicle that appeared in a video clip with its driver driving recklessly. Traffic patrols followed the vehicle until it was parked in a Sulaibiya garage, where the driver was arrested and the vehicle impounded.

Drug user caught
Police arrested a drug user who was with his girlfriend while driving a stolen car, as he collided with a police patrol and almost ran over policemen, Al-Rai reported. The arrest was made when he drove through a checkpoint, so he was pursued. He refused to pull over and hid under a car shade, then attempted to drive off and hit the patrol car several times after failing to run over the policemen. He was then cut off and arrested. He was found under the influence of drugs. The woman with him was also arrested after being found wanted on several cases. The car they were in was reported stolen. Separately, a drunken man insulted policemen while attempting to escape in Farwaniya. Police found illicit material on him after he was controlled. He was sent to concerned authorities.

Thief busted
Taima detectives arrested a thief who targeted the cars of café patrons and stole expensive items from them, reported Al-Rai. The suspect’s actions were recorded by a camera in a nearby shop, enabling detectives to identify him. Detectives waited for him in a café he frequented most often, then arrested him. The suspect confessed to committing the thefts, but gave no reason for his action.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun