KUWAIT: A medical team headed by Chairman of the Cardiology Department at the Chest Hospital Dr Abdullah Al-Enezi carried out a valve replacement surgical procedure, considered as the first in the Middle East. Enezi said the procedure was done for a patient in his twenties. The old valve was damaged inside the heart and a new valve was installed by catheterization without the need for open-heart surgery, as done currently. He said the patient is in very good condition and will leave hospital in two days if the flow of blood is normal.

Chest Hospital Director Dr Reem Al-Asousi

Enezi said a balloon was used to break the old damaged valve and a new one was installed in 45 minutes. The operation was done in cooperation with the dean of the congenital defects units Dr Muath Al-Anbue, who expressed pride in the continued successes made by Kuwaiti doctors at the chest hospital. He said the outstanding achievements made by doctors is the result of efforts and perseverance for the sake of Kuwait.

KUWAIT: The medical team that performed the surgery at the Chest Hospital. — KUNA

Enezi said the chest hospital follows developments around the world and is considered among the best hospitals in the Middle East. It uses the most modern medical and technological developments in the field of heart diseases. The chest diseases hospital is distinguished with a heritage and experience that spans over 50 years in the field of diagnosing and treating all heart diseases, and is still in the lead. – KUNA