Talal Al-Turki

KUWAIT: National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) and Refood concluded their food rescue initiative titled ‘Ramadan basket’. This initiative was launched as part of NBK’s Annual Ramadan Program ‘Do Good Deeds in Ramadan’ to support 3,000 families with food and goods. The “Ramadan Basket” Packages were delivered by NBK and Refood volunteers via refrigerated trucks to maintain the quality and safety of products. Refood and NBK volunteers collected sorted and stored surplus food and goods to share with low-income families.

Through this initiative, rescuing food and saving the environment went hand-in-hand. This initiative is considered as one of the leading Rescuing food initiatives which strives to collect excess food that would’ve gone to waste, and instead, give it to those in need across Kuwait.

Talal Al-Turki, NBK Public Relations Senior Manager said, “NBK in partnership with Refood was delighted to create an initiative that encourages sustainable solutions and reduces food waste. This partnership aims to educate the Kuwaiti public about the dangers of food waste and create a solution by diverting excess good food from going to waste to the plates of people in need.”

“At NBK, we are proud of this pioneering Kuwaiti youth in Refood. Hand in hand, we look forward to further enhance and promote the culture of reducing food waste and helping those in need, while at the same time conserving economic resources from waste,” he added.

NBK is committed to supporting promising Kuwaiti initiatives that aim to give back to Kuwait. NBK has maintained its leadership as a pioneer in adopting initiatives for the benefit of our community. NBK is constantly seeking to further enhance its support promoting a sustainable future.

It is worth mentioning that Refood is a non-profit company that aims to reduce waste from the food and consumer goods sector by collecting excess products from local suppliers and manufacturers. Refood collaborates with the industry’s largest food suppliers in Kuwait to save the largest possible quantity of products from ending up in landfills. Refood provides a beneficiary registration service. Families that meet the eligibility requirements can register and subscribe to available Refood programs to benefit from the packages on a regular basis.