KARACHI: Monsson rains in Pakistan’s port city of Karachi left at least eight people dead in flood-related mishaps, officials said yesterday. The destruction came on the heels of days-long downpours in neighboring India that especially caused havoc in Mumbai. The heavy downpour in Karachi flooded streets and disrupted normal life in Pakistan’s largest city. People in some areas were seen wading through waist-high water.

Karachi Mayor Wasim Akhtar said authorities were working to help those affected by the rains. Pakistan’s largest Edhi ambulance service said it transported the bodies of eight people to hospitals who were either electrocuted or killed by collapsing walls. According to Pakistan’s meteorological department, rains will continue for three days in various parts of Sindh province, where authorities closed schools as a precaution.

Windstorms and rains were also expected in southwest Baluchistan and eastern Punjab provinces. The meteorological department in an alert said rains were also expected in the capital Islamabad and in Pakistan’s portion of Kashmir. Rains regularly trigger floods in South Asian nations during monsoon season, which runs from June through September. In Mumbai, the rains halted public transport and caused flights to be diverted earlier this week.-AP