Badrya Darwish
Badrya Darwish

Call it discrimination. Call it racism. Call it whatever you want. These are diseases that kill society. They are viruses which creep into a society and slowly destroy it. Such diseases should not be nourished in my country. Lately, I heard the disturbing news that there is a study or possible plan to allocate the new Jaber Hospital only for us Kuwaitis.

Why? Are we superior to the rest of the human race? The expats that are serving us and our country are not allowed to enter this sacred place? Makkah does not forbid expats from coming. Madinah, where the Prophet (PBUH) lies, is for everybody from all races. So why should Jaber Hospital be allocated only for us?

Why are we tarnishing the reputation of Kuwait by the actions of a few silly people who are narrow-minded and think by such racist acts they show more patriotism to Kuwait? On the contrary, my dear sirs, you are harming Kuwait. Maybe you don’t even realize or know it.

You are harming all the generations to come when you start institutionalizing discrimination between all strata of society. As far as I know, expats in my country are not charitable projects. They work and earn their money, and actually we are of very little help to them. We are not subsidizing them for anything, and I’m not asking for them to be subsidized. They pay health insurance and high rents and still they accept this and don’t complain.

So don’t jump the edge. For those heroes who think patriotism is shown by attacking expats, we are not stupid and naive. Patriotism doesn’t come from segregation or racism against nationalities. Also, this is against our religion, and of course our beautiful constitution. Patriotism comes by enhancing education; by creating strong generations who can support and work and take care of Kuwait when we can no longer afford expats (in case oil runs out or in an emergency). Patriotism comes from advancing Kuwait at all levels and loyalty to the souls of Kuwait, not by robbing it left, right and center, and complaining that expats did this to us, when expats did not do it – we did it to ourselves with wasta and corruption.

Patriotism comes from regulating the status of expats and maintaining high standards of imported labor. But high numbers of unskilled and unnecessary labor is brought in through wasta, which takes a toll on our services and systems. But of course, we all know that wasta (influence and connections) is a disease. It is what should be segregated and discriminated and decimated in my country.

Like this, all expats suffer. Good workers who benefit this country suffer.

Have a nice day.

By Badrya Darwish