QNET, Asia’s leading direct selling company, introduced a new series dedicated for Manchester City enthusiasts called QNETCity Champions Series developed by CIMIER. The glorious world of football has inspired QNET to create modern timepieces which apply technologies and designs that serve the active lifestyles of the most passionate Cityzens. The series include three watches; QNETCity Victory, QNETCity Triumph Gold, and QNETCity Triumph Blue. The limited edition series is dedicated for a winning lifestyle and showcase the true passion of the Cityzens.

QNETCity Victory Automatic Watch

The QNETCity Victory is engraved with its unique serial number and the label “Manchester City Official Product” on its case back. The Victory watch features a sandblasted stainless-steel body with forged carbon fiber, which allow it to be both ultra-light and super sturdy. The watch’s double-curved sapphire glass face tops its shape and firmly secures its complex machinery, making the QNETCity Victory a great companion for the football enthusiast who is quick to make the most out of every opportunity. The QNETCity Victory watch is limited to 777 pieces only.

QNETCity Triumph 

The QNETCity Triumph is an exceptional wristwatch that comes in two types – the QNETCity Triumph Gold and QNETCity Triumph Blue. Each watch is engraved with its unique serial number and the label “Manchester City Official Product” on its case back, making it a treasure that can be passed on from generation to generation. Both watches are water resistance of 10 ATM. The QNETCity Triumph Gold is a chronograph quartz watch. It features a black matte dial with gold and black white-luminous hands. The Triumph Gold is the perfect teammate to have with you in every victorious moment. The QNETCity Triumph Gold is limited to 1880 pieces only.

 The QNETCity Triumph Blue features a stainless-steel dial with silvery blue white-luminous hands. The Triumph Blue is a loyal teammate in conquering every challenge – be it in business or on the field. The QNETCity Triumph Blue is limited to 2777 pieces only. The series will be a great collectible for all Manchester City fans whom understand the importance of time put into the journey, leading to the final goal. Make this limited edition yours before they’re gone.