Dr Majida Al-Qattan

KUWAIT: The Advisory Technical Committee at the Arab Health Ministers’ Council selected Kuwait’s representative, Assistant Undersecretary for General Health Dr Majida Al-Qattan, as president of the committee during its next round. Qattan said her choice to head this committee during the round that will last until Jan 19 is in agreement with decisions issued during the previous round to empower women.

She said the committee is responsible for preparing meetings of the Arab Health Council, in addition to proposing and following work of the technical secretariat.

She said the committee’s efforts aim at finding Arab integration in the health field. Qattan said the committee reviewed recommendations issued by the executive council’s subcommittees, which work throughout the year. She said that among the most important items that were discussed for the 49th round is the role of e-health and its importance in developing healthcare systems, and the selection of the Arab Health Day logo for 2018.