KUWAIT: US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence Silverman speaks during the ceremony. – Photos by Joseph Shagra

KUWAIT: The closing ceremony of the Professional Certificate in English Language Teaching (PCELT) program was held on Thursday at AMIDEAST’s headquarters in Sharq. US Ambassador to Kuwait Lawrence Silverman congratulated the new batch of graduates. “The US Embassy is proud to fund PCELT for the third straight year in an effort to enhance the teaching of English in Kuwait,” he said.

The envoy extended his gratitude to Suzan Al-Bashiti and to “all our friends at the ministry of education” for their generous support of the PCELT program. “I know that taking teachers away from their schools for a month is not easy.  But I think you would agree that the benefits far outweigh the temporary dislocations. We appreciate your recognition of the value of this training, and we value the partnership that we have built with you to help enhance the skills of Kuwaiti teachers,” he said.

Silverman said everyone must continue learning throughout their lives. “I hope you all feel that this training was well worth the time and energy you invested in it and that you will not only impart this knowledge to your students, but share it with your fellow teachers – to multiply the effect of this course,” he added. He said he himself witnessed the transformation when he met the last set of teachers taking the course. “I saw the transformative effect of the training, the new confidence the teachers exuded and the eagerness they showed to apply the techniques they had learned and share them with their colleagues,” he said.

Silverman said that with their help, Kuwait seeks to prepare its young people to be competitive and productive members of the national workforce. He added that strong English skills will ensure that Kuwaitis can access information, communicate and take part in the global competition that will drive innovation and economic growth. “Education is a key dimension of the US-Kuwait relationship at the ministerial level. When Secretary of State Pompeo visits Kuwait soon for the third US-Kuwait Strategic Dialogue, we will discuss how we can improve our cooperation in education and academic exchanges.”

Silverman took pride in his nation’s global standing, which remains the top study abroad destination for Kuwaiti students. “We believe that no other country can offer Kuwaitis the variety and high quality of universities that are found in the US, and that a US education is the best preparation to succeed here in Kuwait. We at the US Embassy stand ready to help build these educational bridges in any way we can,” the ambassador concluded.

By Ben Garcia