KUWAIT: The victims’ vehicle is seen after the accident

KUWAIT: A car accident in Bayan resulted in injuring six people. The injured include a 40-year-old pregnant woman who suffered a cardiac arrest, a 17-year-old girl who suffered a suspected fracture in her spine and pelvis, an 8-year-boy with head injury, a 7-year-old girl who suffered a suspected broken right arm and a four-year-old girl who suffered internal bleeding, while an 18-month-old girl suffered minor injuries. All those involved are Kuwaiti.

Drugs confiscated
Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for Criminal Security Affairs Maj Gen Khalid Al-Dayeen said 288.112 kg of hashish, 3.405 kg of marijuana, 6.91 kg of heroin, 39.260 kg of qat, 23.106 kg of synthetic marijuana, 1.878 kg of opium, 338,891 illicit tablets and 8,934 bottles of liquor were confiscated during the period from April 1 to June 30, 2018. He said Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Khalid Al-Jarrah Al-Sabah gives drugs fighting special attention, and has asked to unify efforts of all state departments and NGOs to spread awareness about the harmful effects of drugs.

No injuries in fire
Fire broke out in the basement of an Abu Halifa building, prompting Mangaf and Fahaheel fire stations to respond. The five-storey building was evacuated, and the fire was put out without injuries. An investigation was opened to determine the cause of the fire.

An Iraqi man in violation of residency law resorted to sorcery. Police noticed a nervous driver in Maidan Hawally, so he was pulled over. When they checked his ID, they found his residency permit had expired several years ago. Police searched his car and found sorcery tools. He was sent to concerned authorities.

A father was worried after his 11-year-old son was beaten and robbed at a Khaitan club, and he was afraid this will keep children from practicing sports during the summer break. He said he found his son crying, and when he asked him what happened, he said a man he does not know ridiculed and beat him, then took his pocket money. He also threatened to take his money every time he saw him. The suspect is being sought by police. Meanwhile, Salhiya police arrested a Bangladeshi man who targeted shoppers, particularly women. Citizens and expats complained about thefts in the vicinity of Fahd Al-Salem Street. Detectives’ investigations led them to the Bangladeshi, who was arrested red-handed and confessed to the crimes.

Airport police prevented an Egyptian man from traveling because he opened the bag of an Asian traveler and stole KD 250. Police noticed through cameras a man sound asleep, while another man next to him opened a small bag and removed Emirati dirhams from it worth KD 250. The money was returned to its rightful owner, while the suspected thief was taken to the security center. Separately, a Syrian man accused a relative of stealing KD 3,600 from his apartment, which he broke into. The Syrian asked Abu Halaifa police to help him recover the money. Police and forensic officers went to the apartment and lifted fingerprints and other evidence. In another case, an Egyptian man who works for a car rental office told police that an Asian man named “Shaikh Fali” rented a car for 10 days, but it has been a month since then and he hasn’t returned the car. The Asian’s name was placed on the wanted list.

Property damage
A woman accused her ex-husband of damaging her luxury cars due to disputes between them. The woman told police that she noticed scratches on her new car, and said she thinks her ex-husband is behind it. Police will summon him for questioning.

Under the influence
An elderly man called police and told them his drunken son beat him and his wife, so patrols responded and arrested the son, who was clearly intoxicated. The man was taken to the proper authorities for further action.

Two people, Kuwaiti and Egyptian, were sent to the Drugs Control General Department after police found psychoactive drugs with one of them and a substance suspected of being heroin with the other.

By Hanan Al-Saadoun and agencies