KUWAIT: The body of a Filipina was recovered by the coroner after it was found in her sister’s flat in Nugra. The Filipina was pregnant and the baby was dead. Investigations are ongoing to find out the cause of her death.

Abuse of power
A policeman and a customs officer were charged with abuse of power after a bedoon youth filed a complaint against them, claiming he was detained and verbally insulted. The bedoon went to Jleeb police station and gave the names of those who insulted him. The accused are being summoned for questioning.

Indecent gesture
A soldier accused a driver of making an indecent gesture in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. The soldier told police that while he was on Zeina Street, a traffic dispute took place between him and a driver, who made the indecent gesture. Detectives inquired about the man through his car’s registration in order to question him.

Stolen goods
Criminal detectives discovered a farm used by its owner to store stolen goods. Detectives found cars, motors and other things. Detectives received a tip about the location in the Mutlaa desert, so they searched and found the place. When they stormed the farm, a person was able to escape. Investigations are underway. -Al-Rai