KUWAIT: Two porters working in a department store face arrest after brawling over a dinar. A female citizen gave the two porters KD 1 as a tip when they carried her purchases to her vehicle, asking them to split the tip. One of the porters sustained facial injuries. A case was filed.

Man commits suicide
A man was recently found hung by the neck in a tree in Ardhiya, said security sources noting that a citizen out jogging before iftar found the body hanging to the tree and called the police. Initial investigations showed that the man had been going through some financial problems and, apparently, decided to take his own life. A suicide case was filed.

Wanted man arrested
A citizen who was wanted for a KD 50,000 financial claim was recently arrested for speeding in Hawally. When he was stopped and his identity checked, it was found that he had a warrant outstanding. The man was arrested.

Man with gun arrested
A citizen was recently arrested by a highway patrol in possession of an unlicensed gun loaded with six bullets and a knife, said security sources noting that the man was originally stopped for dangerous driving.