KUWAIT: A number of Kuwaiti political movements recently urged the government to put an end to speculations and rumors concerning Kuwait’s participation in the unveiling the economic component of a new US peace plan to resolve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Bahrain. A joint statement made by the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM), Kuwait Democratic Forum (KDF), National Public Movement, National Convention Alliance, Arabism Bloc, Kuwait Progressive Movement, Kuwait Liberal Movement, Popular Action Movement, Civil Conservative Party, Wala National Alliance, National Islamic Alliance and Justice and Peace Alliance stressed that Kuwait’s boycott stems from its national, nationalist, Islamic and historic public and official stances of support to Palestinian rights and condemnation of the enemy’s attempts to tempt it into normalizing relations with it.
“Kuwaiti political powers and blocs are concerned about attempts to blackmail and drag Arab countries to take part in the workshop due to be held in Bahrain by the end of this month under claims of developing the occupied Palestinian territories,” said the statement, noting that the event is nothing but a platform to promote the idea of normalizing relations with the occupying Zionist entity and the so-called ‘Deal of the Century.’

By A Saleh