KUWAIT: A police officer was killed when his vehicle collided into a light post in Sulaibkhat. Police, firefighters and paramedics rushed to the scene and found the victim trapped in his car in a critical condition. Doctors were not able to save him, and he was pronounced dead on the scene. His body was recovered by the coroner.


Missing girl


Ahmadi detectives are looking for a girl who has been missing for over a month, according to her mother. The mother told police that her daughter, who is in her thirties, left their house following a dispute and have not returned. She added that her daughter answered her messages, but refused to return and switched of her phone a week ago.


Drug use


A fugitive wanted on several criminal cases was arrested along with a Syrian man when they were caught red handed using drugs. Police also found three bags of shabu (methamphetamine) with them. Patrol officers noticed a pick-up truck parked in an isolated area, which prompted them to approach the vehicle and discover the two suspects inside it.




A citizen fell victim to an Egyptian man who posed as a real-estate broker, and through whom he rented an apartment. After the Egyptian took the rent, the citizen discovered that the man was not authorized to rent properties. He tried to contact him, but the man was nowhere to be found, so he reported the matter to police who launched an investigation in search for the suspect.


Roof collapse


An Asian woman was rushed to Mubarak Hospital and admitted inside the intensive care unit after a gas cylinder blew up inside her apartment. The explosion reportedly caused the kitchen’s roof to collapse along with part of a wall. The woman’s daughter escaped uninjured. – Translated from the Arabic press